Have an old bike?  Let us sell if for you!  Then apply that sale towards the purchase of your next bike!

Take what’s old, and put it towards something new

In Store Credit

Once the bike is sold, the money will go into your Rebound Cycle account.  This can be used to purchase your new bike, store product, service, rentals etc!


To trade in your bike, it must meet the recommended requirements, check below to see if your bike qualifies

Hassle Free Sale

We sell it for you so you don’t have to!

Price Quote

Our staff will asses, and give you an estimation of your bikes value.  Then the listing price is yours to make!

Bike Trade in Program Requirements

– Be a recognized brand and not sold in big box department stores
– Be in good working order with no structural flaws and serial number must be visible
– Will require clean/tune (paid in advance) before placed on the sales floor.
– Department store bikes, tandems, recumbents, adult trikes and BMX do not apply.
– Bike must be 5 years old or newer

These are guide lines, and not rules set in stone.  It never hurts to ask if your bike may qualify!

Sell your Bike With Cycling Avenue

Want to have access to bike buyers across the Nation?  We've partnered with Cycling Avenue to enable you to sell your bike to them, for quick in store credit!

You can also buy bikes through Cycling Avenue, and have them shipped to us to build!  Better yet, when you buy through us you’ll get a discount on their bikes!

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