"It never gets easier, you just go..." slower

Fat Bike Routes

Here are some of our favorite Fat Bike routes for you to explore, all of which have been curated by our staff who are familiar with the local trails! The routes seen below are categorized by difficulty – Easy/Moderate/Difficult/Sendy! Generally, the easier the route the shorter amount of time it will take to complete as well. We have chosen FatMap as our main navigation platform, which provides you with some awesome visuals as to what you will experience. Cheers and happy riding!

If you have any additional please feel free to reach out to the Rebound Adventure Centre. We are best reached through email at rentals@reboundcycle.com or by phone at (403) 678-3668.


Around Town


Three Sisters Long
Three Sisters Short


Loki's to Soft Yogurt
EKG Loop


Gold Standard
EKG to Loki's
EKG-Odyssey Loop

More routes are on the way!

Fat Bike Trail Reports - Click Here

Courtesy of CAMBA and Alberta Parks