Pre Purchase program

Shopping for a new bike next season?

Ensure you get your dream bike with our Pre Purchase program!

Buying a bike during these times can be difficult, frustrating, and for some almost seem impossible.  With the supply chains still being stressed by the COVID-19 pandemic, many are predicting that buying a bike in 2022 could be even more difficult than last year.  This is why Rebound Cycle is introducing a Pre Purchase program, that allows you to ensure you’ll get the bike of your choice for this season!

Take some time to sit down with our experienced staff to find your dream bike.  Once we’re confident that the bike of your choosing will meet all of your needs and wishes, you get to claim it as yours before it even arrives.

We keep you updated on ETA’s, any changes to the bike, and make the bike buying process as easy as can be!

For more information please give us a call or email!

Contact us for more information!  Scroll down to see our 2022 inventory!

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MTN Bikes
Trek Fuel EX 5
Trek Fuel EX 7
Trek Fuel EX 8
Trek Marlin 5
Trek Marlin 5
Trek Remedy 8
Trek Roscoe 7
Trek Top Fuel 9.8
Orbea Rallon M20
Orbea Occam M30
Orbea Occam M30 LT
Orbea Occam H20 LT
Orbea Oiz H20 TR
Orbea Oiz M10 TR
Orbea Laufey H30
Pivot Switch Blade
PIvot Trail 429
Pivot Firebird
Devinci Marshall a 27
Devinci Marshall a 29
Devinci Kobain Deore A29
Devinci Spartan
Devinci Troy
Evil Offering V2
Salsa Timberjack
Scott Spark 970
Scott Ransom 910
Scott Aspect 950
Scott Aspect 750
Trek Domane AL 5
Trek Domane SL 5
Orbea Orca M20 Team
E Bike
Trek Powerfly 4
Trek Rail 5
Trek Verve+ 2
Orbea RISE H30 20mph
Orbea Wild FS H30
Orbea Gain M30
Orbea Vibe H30 EQ
Devinci E-Griffen
Trek Check Point SL 5
Trek 1120
Orbea Terra H40
Devinci Hatchet A GRX 20s
Scott Speedster Gravel 20
Orbea Terra H40
Orbea Terra M30
Trek Duel Sport 3
Trek FX 2 Disc
Scott Roxter 20
Scott Roxter 24
Frog Frog 52
Frog mtb 62
Frog MTB 69
Trek PreCalibre 20
Trek PreCalibre 24
Trek Roscoe 20
Trek Roscoe 24