At Rebound we are very well aware of the wild life that surrounds us and we aim to provide a safe enviroment for them to exist.  That is why all our rides are “guides choice”. We are always using up to date information and local posts on the where abouts of larger animals or heards to help us avoid conflict with animals.

If you are renting a bicycle or attending a group ride, tour or lesson your safety will be our number one concern.  We will give you all the up to date information we have, offer bear spray for your trip to purchase and inform you of any closures we are aware of.

Traveling in small groups is best and making a good amount of noise is also helpful. Be aware of other trail users as well as animals and always pack out what you pack in. This includes compostable items like banana peels and apple cores.

The Bow Valley is a true testament to how humans and animals can co-exist and we want this to remain the focus while showing off this amazing place we call home.

Enjoy responsibly – for more information tips and tricks please visit WILDSMART